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KAJ, the periodical for literature, arts and culture is aimed at the whole Kajkavian-speaking region (one of the three language systems) in the Republic of Croatia.

Since it was founded in 1968 it was science oriented in a popular manner, and from 1994 it has been formally edited according to international instructions for primary scientific publications. Most of the texts – written by eminent authors who belong to the circle of Croatian science, culture and arts – are scientifically categorized in each volume. KAJ has the international ISSN number for serial publications 0453-1116 and UDK number 821.163.42:008:7.

It is a bi-monthly edition and the average number of publications per year is 6 issues (in 4 volumes). The titles of its ten or so regular columns are the best and briefest description of the periodical's profile as to form and content. (Contemporary Kajkavian literature; From the Kajkavian (language) heritage; Music, folklore, customs; Construction heritage, garden architecture; The nobility and clergy in Croatian history and culture; Zagreb themes; Historical themes; Kajkavian-speaking Croatians – emigrants; Kajkaviana (Kajkavian based arts and science today); People, places, spiritual landscapes; Literary and language correlations; Standpoints; Reviews, surveys, accounts; Kajkaviana chronicle).

The publisher of periodical KAJ is a non-government, non-profit organization consisting of esteemed scientists, artists and cultural heritage patrons – KAJKAVSKO SPRAVIŠČE   (Kajkavian «Parliament») - society for dissemination and promotion of science and arts. Its President is the academician Miroslav Šicel, the most esteemed living Croatian literature historian. Besides regular editions of the KAJ periodical, KAJKAVSKO SPRAVIŠČE also publishes separate editions, as well as special editions joined in several collections. Many of these editions fall into the category of monographs and anthologies.

In the international Standard Book Number system KAJ was given the number 6056 as publisher.

In some 40 years 286 regular editions of periodical KAJ have been published in 230 volumes as well as 130 separate and special issues – in total: 360 books contributing to the dignity of the Kajkavian dialect area and the whole of Croatian culture.


The culturological meaning and estimate of the periodical:

From the very beginning in 1968 KAJ has been dealing (both in a scientific and popular manner) with the many-layered cultural and historical environment, the semantic field of its name: the interrogative-relative pronoun kaj (what).

The Kajkavian mother tongue has therefore become the basic motive and content of the periodical: whether as the language of a many-century literary tradition, or as a dialect / the homeland idiom for more than a million native speakers, or as the creative language for modern Croatian literature, especially poetry. The role of KAJ is to evidence on the continuity of Kajkavian literature – mirroring the state of the spirit, literature and language of our contemporary being.

Alongside with the language and literature, as well as linguistic /dialectal, literary /historical and literary and theoretical  writings, KAJ has been especially important with its papers within the historical /art thematic circle: with papers on the sacral construction heritage, architectural /town-planning descriptions of castles and manors, traditional construction heritage and  historical and artistic places of Zagreb, famous in history.


To put it shortly: unexplored or less known facts from the history and contemporary life of the Kajkavian speaking region covered  by the KAJ periodical are in many of its segments not  only important  for the regional (local) significance, but are of lasting value for the identity of ethnic Croatian culture.


Božica Pažur, M. Sc

Chief Editor of KAJ





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